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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Dog Ate My Rent, I Swear

So we were getting ready to go pay some bills and as we were getting everything together to walk out of the house with our puppy Max, I told her to go lay down for a minute. Well she did go lay down ... with our check! After having a dog for just a short amount of time, you get to know their facial expressions, and this is the face that my dog makes when she KNOWS she did something she was not supposed to do. I could not believe it! Thankfully, Dane County Credit Union still let us deposit the check because getting a new check from our employer would have likely taken another pay period. For the record, as long as the pertinent information is still intact on the check, it could still be cashed. I wonder if Meyer Management would accept that as a valid excuse for not paying the rent on time?


Lisa said...

Wow, I love the look on the dog's face. That's priceless.

Lynne said...

I know how you feel! I've been having an ongoing discussion at my site about our dog, the goat. She has been proving to me lately that what goes in, must come out, one way or another! Why do dogs have such a taste for all things paper?

Dave Collar said...

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