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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Right Side of Town?

So this morning I was browsing You Tube and I found this video taken on State Street and my fiance walked into the room and asked me if this was Philadelphia in the video. As you can see, it is all State Street in Madison ... I guess it caught him off guard because when you look at our city onscreen, there is this appearance that there are so many things to do and it's lively and fun ... I guess when you are all the way in the corner of the city, festivals are somewhat inaccessible and over time, it builds into this notion that there is nothing to do out here.

We both decided that if we lived closer to downtown, we would likely enjoy Madison a little more. Right now, we eat at McDonalds more than any other restaurant in Madison (because it's right here), and when we want to go hang out somewhere, we really do not have anywhere to go that is close by. So if you live on Allied Drive, Madison consists of McDonalds and ... I can't even finish that sentence. That is sad. More often than not, we don't really go out and do anything out here. I used to go out 1-4 nights a week when I lived in Chicago because I was really active in the arts so I was always either performing or catching the show of one of my performing friends. I miss that and I wish our community had a "scene" ... the rest of Madison seems to ...


Anonymous said...

it sounds really odd to me, what you would like? event organizers come over to your apartment(house) and do some fun there? in this case you dont have to go out at all. I lived in chicago, and I know that madison is 100% friendlier to artists and any kind of performers than any city in the world. madison is where the art is appreciated. if you want something you'll always find something here, except actually if you want whole world to come over to you and entertain you

SolicitorsIn said...

It is a very strange feeling to witness your town or city on some film or tv program. It is almost alien. Your city can either look like a bubbling metropolis or in deepest squaller. Strange as it is, we can either feel proud and accept the image it portrays, or as you did wish you were somehwere else.

Lowongan Kerja said...

Nice capture of your experience...It look so gratify to enjoy on this town. Nice post... :)