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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hang Out With The Latinos and Get Schooled

Little Lola who lives next door just turned six and when my other half and I were invited to her birthday party, I would have never in a million years guessed that it was going to be a kegger party! We had so much fun. The furniture was all moved aside for the dancers and I learned a few moves from one of my elder Latino neighbors who kept having to stop every few minutes because of arthritis in his leg. The food was incredible and it was a lesson in how parties are supposed to be. I learned some new Spanish and I can't wait for the next little kid to have a birthday! I know little Lorenzo will be having a party in October - but I am hoping someone has a birthday in in August or September ... After the party, we went down the block over to Elisha's to play some spades and school Rob again, but of course, they were too scared to open the door.


OldSkool Rosenberry said...

They had one last week on the other side of my building and it was all kids. They are all so respectful and the kids are all having fun. The elders all sit back and the younger kids serve the elders. The younger kids respect them. That is the way I was raised too. Now, we have grown men tripping over kids to get to food.