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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Allied Drive = Political Exhaustion

On top of living on Allied Drive, my job in part involves employment on Allied Drive. Add to that, being on the board of a non-profit that serves Allied Drive, serving on two city commissions that devote a good chunk of time "dealing with Allied Drive" and writing for the neighborhood paper, Voices. In between all of that, I try to keep up with community events and this blog – at the end of the day, I am often tired of Allied Drive myself. Needless to say, if I see anything involving Allied Drive running in circles, I really don’t want too much to do with it. This whole CDA thing, to me, feels like a big semi-truck coming at us 90 miles-per-hour. We can stand out in the street with our hands out gesturing for it to stop and hope for the best. Or we can pick up our prized belongings and get the hell out of the way, and hope there will not be a whole lot of damage at the end of it all. I have heard the pro-CDA and anti-CDA arguments, and from my observation, there really is no purpose in sitting on the anti-CDA side. For real, if you pick up a carton of milk at the JFF office with an expiration date that is 5-days old, are you really going to drink it? Are you going to call Deans to complain about your milk chug? No, you put it aside, and come back the next day and hope they have something for you. Similarly, this whole CDA thing, is just too big and seemingly too powerful. I am hopeful that when the truck passes through the neighborhood, there will be some goodies that fall out of the back for us, and if not, such is life. Considering that we are not property owners without any real stake in the community, what can we really do? Speaking of … I better go pull my credit report, I think I have about a year now to get ready for a first-time mortgage. Maybe on Allied Drive, maybe somewhere else. As any resident on Allied Drive, I think I have to remain open-minded.


Stu Levitan said...

I'm sorry you feel the CDA threatens to ovewhelm the neighborhood; we think we're coming in to help it. But I understand your concerns. I know we don't have all the answers, but I think we have the tools (financial, planning, coordinating) and commitment to be a positive force. But it's going to take all of us -- CDA, city, Task Force, CDBG, neighbors, Fitchburg, County -- working together to make it happen. I come with open ears and an open heart, and will do everything I can to make this effort a success for all concerned. I look forward to working with you and everybody else involved in Allied Drive to make that happen. Thanks,
Stu Levitan, Chair, CDA

Lina Trivedi said...

Thank you Stu for your assurance - quite honestly, I was very happy to see movement on the development and I trust our alder, Brian, who facilitated the resolution. All the residents around me freaking out over that next step likely contributes to my caution, however I am very happy to see steps forward. Thank you!

naples said...


Take some time to smell the roses before pulling that credit report.

Lowongan Kerja said...

that's a great decision to pull your credit report...maybe I'll follow your steps...thanks...

Sell Home Now said...

There the term "Political exhaustion" very appropriate. I am also tired of the political problem in my country. Better to think how to develop your own potential and could be useful for others.