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Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's Black and White on Allied Drive

Someone commented recently that kids, black, white, Latino and Asian, do not play together. I've always known that not to be true, at least out here. Today, I walked out of my apartment, and these kids were playing "ninja" right outside my door. My camera let me take one picture before dying on me - though I can't say that kids do not see color, I can say that I don't think that they understand differences based on color until we teach that to them. My fiance and I were recently at a party with a lot of kids, and one of the young girls referred to my fiance as a "man with dark skin." Kids don't understand anything beyond that - just different color skin. When we first moved out here, a young Latina girl came up to my fiance and asked him if there are any kids in our family that she could play with. She didn't care what we looked like - she just wanted someone to play with. It's too bad as we get older we build all these biases toward one another. Allied Drive certainly provides experience for kids to learn how to live with one another in the broader scope of this world. I wish the rest of Madison could benefit from some of those same lessons.


Abhinav Sood said...

More than right Lina. Its the society itself who is the real culprit for all these social evils. The biggest problem in our country, India, is that those who preach against this differentiation are by themselves discriminating.

I really don't find any point in fueling false concepts and filling innocent minds with such flare and flames.

Forward Our Motto said...

Great picture. People need to see things like that.

The CDP. said...

Hey, my name is Ryan and I run I stumbled upon your page recently, and I feel really lucky for doing so. I feel that Madison bloggers are some of the best in the nation, and the community is second to none.

Keep up the good work!


AM I A HINDU? Best Seller said...

Lina, as Abinav wrote "the society itself who is the real culprit for all these social evils."

Look at India. After all these years, we still cannot get rid of "Caste System." As an author I am trying my best along with so many others. But people are still a long way to change.

Lina Trivedi said...

I've always seen the parallels between racism here in the United States and the caste system back home - especially with "reservations" (parallel to Affirmative Action here). What amazes me about us, however, is how we hate our own, in the name of God. I am so glad that the caste system is slowly diminishing, though it does not seem like it is going away fast enough - thanks for your comments!

Abhinav Sood said...

I don't think its anywhere near going away, here in India. I always want to do something about it. Damn! No one can't. Every third person is a kind of either "Why should he take the benefits, not I?" or "Why, when I am being benefited?"

No one is of the kind "Why doesn't he get the positive of it when I am getting?" or "Why shouldn't we settle down to some mutually benefiting mid-way?"

I know thats because the human tendency is this way and thats why wars have been fought across ages! But eating up our own place in ourselves. No Wisdom !